We will buy your sterling silver flatware and hollow ware at a fair price. We sell sterling to an international market and are able to buy your silver for its value as tableware. If your silver ware is damaged or has monograms or initials or removed intials or monograms, this will devalue your silverware to some extent. But your silver will always be worth at least its intrinsic silver value. Sterling silverware made in the United States is generally marked either sterling or .925.

Silverplated is usually indicated by A1 or something similar.

We do not buy Silver Plate or Stainless.
Sterling Silver Form

Please fill out the following form to receive a free preliminary quote by e-mail. Remember that we can only make a payment offer upon receipt of the actual items.

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Knife, Fork, Salad Fork &Table Spoon



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Butter Spreaders:
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