What do we pay for precious metals?

Many people are asking: What are you paying for precious metals?  To answer this, every piece is based on the current market price, purity of metal, and weight.  
When you send in your FREE Precious Metals Pak, our trained experts will determine:

  • Whether or not your items contain gold or other precious metals and gems
  • The purity of the gold or other precious metals and the quality of the gems
  • The weight of the gold, precious metals, and/or gems

The amount of your check will depend on this evaluation.
A few important things our experts would like you to remember about precious metals recycling:

    • Our prices do not reflect retail prices. They reflect the current metals market price in the items.
    • We pay by weight – the more the valuable content of your items weighs, the more we pay.
    • Our payments go up if your items contain 10 ounces or more


    The Jewelry Buyer.com Guarantee
    If for any reason you do not wish to cash the check we send you, and would like your items back, simply return the check so that it arrives at our office indicated on the top left portion of the check within ten (10) days of the date on the check. If you are concerned that your returned check will not arrive back to us in time, please call 1 (888) 928-9735 to speak to one of our customer service representatives and to give us notice so that we may pull your goods in advance of receiving your check. After receiving your check, Cileone Inc will return your items within 15 business days. Cileone Inc will do so without any charge to you. The shipment back to you is guaranteed* against loss.

    *Please see terms and conditions for maximum liability.  (have this link to the terms and conditions page)



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